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[kk] and all other artists like'em could go rot...

2010-07-21 23:10:59 by BLAZEOFTIME

Ever see a title that seem interesting in the flash portal? Like it might actually be worth the time of day to see? Well, in my opinion i think these posers should leave or not animate. these animators need to put forth effort... rather than just 15 mins of work just to post crap. Granted i may not animate due to lack of interest in the dept. But, hey i'm like every other viewer that comes here... every time i try to give constructive criticism my review gets deleted no matter how nice i maybe to them... i think the portal needs to be a little stricter in means of what is allowed to be kept here... i know this site is everything by everyone... but come on now, if we wanna see crap we'd go see tosh.0 or youtube or 2 girls and one cup.... what i'm trying to say is.... GET BETTER! Develop a story, spend more time on your work learn from the masters here on newgrounds by watching their animations and taking note of what your doing wrong and correct it. If, i were to animated these are the steps i'd follow... SO, WORK HARD OR GO HOME! or so the saying goes....

ok i worked on this for about 3 weeks, watching the battle between Frank Dux and Chong Li. I sat there with pen and paper and written each note down and wrote down each instrument that was used as far as i could tell. then i realized it wasn't really long enough for a full song. so i put my own lil twist on it to make it full. now i don't wanna see this fricken movie for the rest of my life.... anyhooters, enjoy and plz review before you rate so i could make this song better. /327716

ok i'm tired of bloodsport now.... i don't wanna see that movie for the rest of the year.... have fun and plz review so if there is any problems i can fix and make better.

After watching bloodsport many times, one song caught my attention. It was the fight between frank dux and chong li. I thought about re-mastering this old song. However, only one thing is stopping me... well a couple actually and if any one can answer them it would be greatly appreciated. I got my instruments and i'm ready to record....

1. Would you care if it was remastered?
2. alot of time is going to be put into this.... would you want it like the original or orchestral style?

Check out my song "horde on the horizon" to make the decision on question 2 easier.

i got bored and gone back to an old piece... My Kingdom Hearts Orchestral version of Halloween Town... Have Fun! /320227

don't ask me where is jack five, pj, panda and all them....

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